The Application of Network Coding in Peer to Peer Networks

Title The Application of Network Coding in Peer to Peer Networks

Content Distribution is the most application in internet today, For the advantage of decentralization, scalability, robustness and load balancing, P2P is more and more applied to such area as Content Distribution Service. Now, BT system is one of the most applicable in P2P Content Distribution System, since BT downloading is strongly dependant with the seeds, and network coding allows network nodes do encoding of its data blocks, which is not as the traditional copying and forwarding, network coding can improve the performance of P2P system so well.This paper first researches on the core ideas of BT and the Basic theory and feasibility of network coding, especially in the efficient application of random linear network coding, mainly discuss the design idea of P2P network coding model, and give the modeling design idea and Basic pseudo algorithm.Test results obtained by simulation shows that when the seeds leave the system early and peers arrive and depart frequently, IT get a directly perceived of network coding which improve the download speed and the robustness, and resolves the problem that for the seeds leaving the P2P system early and the file can not be downloaded successfully. And we also have discussed the coding dimension which influenced the download performance.

Category Internet
Keywords BT, Network coding, P2P, random linear network coding,
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