Delicate Relationship

This study bases on the theory of Qing and Li society, IT analyzes the Social cultural background which Qing and Li advertisements appear. The study defines the connotation of Qing and Li advertisements, summarizes the characteristics of Qing and Li advertisements, and points out that the key of Qing and Li appeals is relationship. Qing

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Research on IP Traceback under Denial of Service Attack

With the development of network technology,people’s work and life has become inextricably tied to the intemet.Though the network has brought people lots of convenience, people have to face to more and more network security problems.Denial of Service attack is one of most common attacks.Researchers presented a lot of measures to defence this attack including tracing

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A Faster Delay-constrained Multicast Routing Algorithm

Since entering the 21st century, computer network technology has developed rapidly and a variety of application of networks have emerged one by one. Broadband data applications, such as distance learning,video conferencing,IPTV,online games, pose a challenge on the carrying capacity of the current networks, multicast communication becomes necessary. At the same time, the distributed multimedia applications

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An Empirical Study on Factors Affecting User Acceptance of Social Network Game

Social network service has become one of the most popular Internet applications. The American SNS websites, Facebook and Myspace, are among the top 10 websites in the world based on user traffic. In China, the number of registered users of the top SNS website-Renren has been over 160 million. With the rapid development of SNS

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Research and Implementation of Key Technology of Secure File Sharing

The invention of computer brings us to an informalization era while the development of web bring us into a period of open information sharing. When IT and Web Technology provide people with more convenience, information security has become a big problem which affects the procedure of informalization. When data are transmitted in the web, they

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Feature-based Intrusion Detection System

With the spread of the Internet and network technology development, network has penetrated into every aspect of the society and people life, and IT has brought much convenience. However, with the popularity of the Internet and network technology, network intrusion technology has been very popular, security issues has been more and more serious. In order

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The Research on Format-Preserving Encryption of Database

With the rapid development of the computer field, the security of database is increasingly important, especially for sensitive data protection requirements. There is a wide range of Database system applications in the Social, scientific and other fields. Database systems have many characteristics, including massive data storage, data processing and networking interaction. With the globalization of

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Application of PLC on the Steam Boiler Control System

In this thesis, a 20T/h steam boiler of refinery is taken as the object of study and a steam boiler automatic control system, which is based on IPC+PLC and combines the structure and technological process of steam boiler is designed.The lower machine of the designed system utilizes SIEMENS S7-300 series PLC. Besides, some modules are

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A Study of Routing Algorithm in Power Line Carrier Sensor Network Based on DSR

Power Line Carrier Sensor Networks (PLCSN) is a new network integrated with power line network and sensor network. In PLCSN, power line is used as data transmission medium. Because a variety of complex power loads connect to the power line, irregular impedance changes occur when these loads randomly access or disconnect to (plug and play)

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Research on Fuzzy Semanteme of Decision Trees Algorithms

Although decision trees algorithms based on semanteme can make data and concepts match more precisely, they have rigid division defects. In the process of getting semanteme, the values of continuous attributes in the training set are mapped to certain concepts in semantic concept classes, not considering their memberships of certain concepts. However, whether a data

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