Research and Design of the Internet Real-Name Authentication System Based on Public Key Infrastructure

Title Research and Design of the Internet Real-Name Authentication System Based on Public Key Infrastructure

With the development of information technology, the Internet has changed people’s traditional way of life. Undeniably, the Internet has created a vast virtual world where leaving a message, free press, and trading hide the real identity appearing to have unprecedented freedom. Application of the Internet has reflected its great convenience. At the same time, IT also exposes some shortcomings such as information exposure, false information, fraud and other bad action, which not only disturb the order of Social and life, but also become a major obstacle to the development of internet.The internet real-name system provides a kind of user’s real identity authentication mechanism. As to internet real-name system, the user’s real identity information is protected as privacy when his behavior does not damage the public interest. Once break the law, personal information will no longer be privacy and the person will be supervised by relevant regulation. Presently, China has carried out internet real-name system in the areas of e-commerce, online games, as well as college BBS. The network application system requires the user to provide real identity information when he registers an account, and validates the user’s identity. However, there are many problems, as most of users do not submit their information face to face. The user can still submit forged identity information leading to real-name authentication useless. In addition, the application scope of Internet real-name system is extremely limited, because there are e-commerce security technology issues and the law and regulation are inadequate. There is only little of research on real-name identity authentication, which is also at the stage of exploratory and the application scope is extremely limited. And there are too much defect and deficiency in internet real-name authentication. Moreover, different authentication methods vary greatly and interoperability is poor. The development of internet needs a unified solution to guarantee the real identity of the users.This paper puts forward the internet real-name authentication system based on PKI in the light of the defect and deficiency of internet real-name authentication, according to analyzing and researching the technology of internet real-name system. The internet real-name authentication system verifies identity of the user according to digital certificate that issued by the third-party authority department. This paper also designs a bidirectional Internet Real-Name Authentication protocol based on Public Key Infrastructure. The internet real-name authentication systems based on PKI validates the user’s identity using digital certificate and the application system interface provided by PKI. At the same time, the real-name authentication system ensures authenticity of the user’s identity using Asymmetric Key Technology, USBKey, digital signature, “challenge/response” protocol and other security technologies, also the strict back-end server authentication mechanism. The system provides a safety and reliable solution to the internet real-name system.

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Keywords Identity Validation, Internet Real-Name Certificate, Internet Real-Name System, PKI, Real-Name Authentication,
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