Analysis and Design of Human Resource Information Management System for Beiyao Company

Title Analysis and Design of Human Resource Information Management System for Beiyao Company

This century is full of information. Therefore, the competition among companies grows intensely day by day. The core of the competition means talents competition. In order to improve work efficiency and management level, IT becomes vital how to realize human resource management information according to their own characteristics because traditional human resource management has blocked the development of enterprises greatly.The paper evaluates the status and problems of the Human Resource Management in BeiYao Co., Ltd, and analyzes the user’s business requirements, especially on system functions and performance requirements. So the paper defines user’s role and the scope of the system with use case diagram. Then, the paper introduces theoretical knowledge, development of technology and usage during the process of the system building, based on the requirements analysis and theoretical knowledge, the paper conducts outline design from system functions, system construction, data flow, development route, running environment and so on. Furthermore, we have designed function and flow of every module in detail, for example:user interface, E-R relational model, table structure and so on. Finally, we describe deployment and operation of the system and point out the deficiencies.The system realized computerized management of staff information, organization, attendance, rules and regulations, and management level has been improved. Customized query, charts, statistics and other functions improve the efficiency. At present, the system is in good operation and achieved the goal of the system construction

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