Analasis on the Impact Factors of Metropolitan Museum Tourism in Shanghai

Title Analasis on the Impact Factors of Metropolitan Museum Tourism in Shanghai

With the gradual rise of urban tourism, museums have become prominent feature of tourism increasingly, and gradually become a display of unique historical and cultural cities. They are important carriers who enhance the attractiveness of urban cultural tourism.After several years of development, Shanghai museum tourism has been made great progress in the number and size of exhibitions, the quality of exhibits and the supporting facilities. However, there is a big gap between Shanghai museum tourism and other international metropolitan museum tourisms in the overall characteristics, products and marketing promotion. Therefore, the analysis of impact factors of Shanghai Museum tourism will not only conform to the world trend of tourism development, but also meet the development of Shanghai municipal tourism and that of museums.In this paper, using literature analysis, marketing research, systematical analysis methods, we analyse the whole status of Shanghai metropolitan museum tourism, then give a comprehensive, systematic and in-depth explanation from a regional perspective on the environmental impact factors, tourist market factors and museum tourist attraction elements of museum tourism.Research shows that highly modernized international level, developed economic and cultural industry environments and the powerful security in government policy and finance in Shanghai, have created a favorable macro environment for the development of museum tourism. High-quality collections and exhibitions, the convenient location and traffic conditions, personalised service facilities and modern management concepts of metropolitan musuems played a positive role in the development of museums. But some problems are the the main obstacles need to be addressed in Shanghai, such as, the overall characteristics of the museums is not prominent, some museums have poor area concentration, tourismproducts exlpoition can not display the characteristics of the museums, the awarenesses of museum visitors need to be raised, and so on. The article maintains that IT should build the overall image of metropolitan museum tourism in Shanghai, strengthen communications and cooperations with the tourism industry, and improve the visitors’ awareness to enhance the attractiveness of metropolitan museum tourism.This paper is divided into five parts: the first chapter is introduction, providing the the theoretical and research ideas for full text; the second part analyses the market of metropolitan museum tourism; Chapter III give analysis on attractive factors of Shanghai museum tourism; Chapter IV of this text is the explanation of Shanghai metropolitan museum tourism environment factors; Chapter V is countermeasures and suggestions.

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