A Wireless Monitoring System of Temperature and Humidity Based on ZigBee Technology

Title A Wireless Monitoring System of Temperature and Humidity Based on ZigBee Technology
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The rapid development of wireless technology has driven its rapid expansion of applications. But some factors such as power, cost, transmit-range and reliability also have hindered wireless devices from the real applications. These problems have been resolved after the advent of ZigBee wireless technology. The paper mainly explores a method to design and implement of a wireless monitoring system of temperature and humidity bases on the ZigBee technology.At first, the paper introduces the current research status of ZigBee wireless technology at home and abroad. And then to discuss for the system’s hardware circuit design, software system design, ZigBee networks as well as the realization of the testing system.In the hardware design of system, chip CC1010 and chip SHT11 as the ZigBee wireless RF modules and the temperature and humidity sensing module respectively is the core of the system hardware. Wireless monitoring system of temperature and humidity bases on ZigBee technology’s hardware architecture consists of main three parts:sender, receiver and display system. The sender contains of many sending nodes, and every sending node makes up of chip CC1010 and chip SHT11 for temperature and humidity data acquisition and transmits data by ZigBee wireless network, IT is the source of data. The receiver has only one recieving node, IT makes up of a chip CC1010 and a MAX232 mode, used to set up a ZigBee network, receive the data from sending nodes and transfers it to the display device, it is the coordinator of wireless network. Display system is a UP-NETARM-2410-S embedded development platform, used to display the data.Software design of system consists of sender and receiver software design and display system software design, the display system software runs on the UP-NETARM-2410-S embedded development platform, the two other run on the chip CC1010 and chip SHT11.Finally, after testing, the results show that the wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system in real-time performance, accuracy, interference immunity, and durability, etc, are able to meet the most Basic requirements of use. Zigbee wireless technology has proved its has obvious advantages, and has good market prospects.In this paper, some graphs, charts and text are used to show the monitoring system’s entire process of design and implementation detailed.

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